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Prophetic Manna 2024

A guide to a daily walk with God.

God cares about you and wants to be involved in every aspect of your life.

You need God’s leading in every area of life; academically, professionally, maritally and so on.
You need to know His mind per time in every aspect of your life and that will require that you ask Him. In learning and following God’s leading for your life lies your victory this year because His leading will keep you out of error.

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You are Welcome!

I am delighted to welcome you to the official webpage of The Flaming Prophetic Assembly Worldwide, the faith-based umbrella body that houses seven (7) other interdenominational ministries with the vision of bringing God’s Kingdom to bear on earth.
This is Home, where you’ll find all the essentials and resources you need for Purpose Clarity, Vision Establishment and overall Spiritual Growth.
Once again it’s a great pleasure to have you on this platform.

Rev.d Bolaji Odejide



Divine Healing

For some months now, have been experiencing nose bleeding and it happens consistently. Friday night at Prophetic Assembly 2021 while we are preparing for the evening program, the same thing occurred but I had this conviction within me that I would receive my healing on that day. I keyed into the Word and to the glory of God, I received divine healing

Divine Intervention

I want to testify to the name of the Lord for answered prayers. Last year in Prophetic Assembly we were asked to write our prayer points which I did and God showed up beyond my expectations. Hallelujah!!

Divine Intervention

1st week of January, I lost a job! It was quite painful!!! The job was given to someone else, he was paid and the job commenced.
I got a call from the employer yesterday morning, he told me he wanted me back on the job, withdrew the job from the other guy not minding the fact that he had paid him and renewed the deal with me. Truly God is awesome!

Divine Intervention

I’m not sure if it was the first or second meeting I attended in 2019, at the Comfort hall.
You spoke about goal setting, and right in that hall, God started to give me some insights and that’s how I launched out as a personal development coach.
Also, every time we hold prayer meetings in the whatsapp group, burdens get lifted off my shoulders.

Our Mission

The Flaming Prophetic Assembly Worldwide is aimed at raising,
empowering and releasing end time army for kingdom growth.
Breaking the yoke of the devil and setting the
oppressed free in Christ name

T: Touching Lives – Ministering to total men in fulfilling divine mandate.
E: Empowering Lives – To teach and disciple lives for leadership assignments
R: Releasing Lives – Sending men forth by the power of the Holy Spirit for destiny fulfilment
M: Molding Lives – Shaping rubies out of rubbles.

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